C/C++/Cocoa tool for codesign security, Developer ID, & Mac App Store Receipt Validation

Generate MAS Receipt Validation Code


Quickly generate a unique implementation of Mac App Store Receipt validation code with this automated tool.

Simply drag your codesigned app to the TightenApp icon in the dock, and voila, with one click, generate a unique, clean Mac App Store receipt validation function with basic security features.

Since all code generated by Tighten is 100% inlined, modulated with obfuscated symbols, you can included redundant, hidden security checks (aka salting) throughout your application.

The code generated by Tighten is ANSI C code which can be used inside any Cocoa, C++ or C source or header file. Tighten code is so clean and universal, you can call validation and security code inside the constructor of a static C++ object called before Cocoa main.



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