Tighten Pro
C/C++/Cocoa tool for codesign security, Developer ID, & Mac App Store Receipt Validation

System Utilities & Developer Tools

Quarantino - evaluate or remove gatekeeper quarantine. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Tighten FREE - code generator for Mac App Store receipt validation. [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Tighten.app - more features than the free version, works great! [MAC APP STORE]

Tighten Pro - industrial grade security tools for enterprise and commercial apps. [MAC APP STORE]

PKCS#7Viewer - display the inner contents of the Mac App Store receipt, including undocumented fields. [MAC APP STORE]

Cocoa Samples on github

[repo:mac] MacRuntimeSandboxDetection - determine entitlements/restrictions at runtime.

[repo:mac] WithRequirements - structured pre-conditions for self-debugging code.

[repo:mac] ScopedEarl - first attempt at security-scoped bookmarks.

[repo:mac/ios] GLFoundation - dynamic OpenGL geometry creation in Cocoa/Cocoa-Touch.



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